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The Visionary Romances of George MacDonald

Colin Manlove (b. 1942) has lived and taught in Scotland for most of his life. He lectured in British literature at Edinburgh University from 1967 to 1993, and is the author of several books on fantasy, including Modern Fantasy (1975), Christian Fantasy (1992), and Scottish Fantasy Literature (1994). Though he has often published on George MacDonald, this is his first full-length study of the fantasy works. Besides his literary interests, Colin Manlove is, like MacDonald, fascinated by minerals and crystals, of which he has assembled a large collection. 


1: MacDonald’s life and character

2: MacDonald’s views, literary and theological

3: Before MacDonald

4: Phantastes (1858)

5: ‘The Golden Key’ (1867)

6: Lilith (1895)

7: Conclusion

Colin Manlove’s Scotland’s Forgotten Treasure has previously only been available at a price of over $50. But through an arrangement with author Colin Manlove and the University of Aberdeen Press, we’ve made a U.S. edition available on Amazon for $24.95, and through this bookstore for only $16.95!


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