The Gospel According to George McDonald

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The selections included in this book are abridged from the original writings of George MacDonald, and represent a thematic and sequential compilation from the most focused theological treatises among his huge corpus of work. They have been brought together in an orderly exposition of what can be called George MacDonald's "gospel" -- in other words, his perspective on what the good news of Jesus Christ actually is.

The twenty main chapters are highlighted by: The True Gospel, The Nature of God, Sin and Salvation, Childship, The Fire of Purification, Hell, Becoming Like Christ, and much more, Ten additional mini-chapters cover such topics as Can Prayer Change God's Mind?, The White Stone, and Opinion and Truth.

As one of the world's foremost interpreters of MacDonald's spiritual vision, Michael Phillips insightfully brings out the essential themes in MacDonald's writings. This volume is a companion to his other titles that illuminate various aspects of MacDonald's thought, including George MacDonald's Transformational Theology of the Christian Faith, George MacDonald's Spiritual Vision: An Overview, and George MacDonald and the Late Great Hell Debate. Phillips is also the author of the major biography, George MacDonald, A Writer's Life.

Both editions listed below have the same content.

  • 1st Edition (2019) - 199 Pages
  • 2nd Edition (2023) - 296 Pages

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