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The sequel to Malcolm. This second of the two “Malcolm books” represents MacDonald’s only true prequel-sequel series in which the stories are inextricably linked to form a unified narrative. In all his other series, (Elginbrod/Falconer, Gibbie/Donal, Annals/Seaboard/Vicar’s, Wingfold/Faber/There & Back, Goblin/Curdie) each book can stand alone.

The story begins right where Malcolm left off, although changing the venue to London part way through the story, as well as Malcolm teaching himself to speak “English” rather than Scots, gives The Marquis of Lossie its own unique flavor. Returning to the north coast of Scotland for the climax represents a truly magnificent culmination of several divergent storylines. 

Please note this book is nearly sold out and we want the few remaining volumes to go to those who truly treasure MacDonald’s writings. Hence the elevated price.

[Original printing: 1877, Hurst & Blackett]

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