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The fifth and final installment of written sermons produced by George MacDonald in which he discusses his personal beliefs and insights on a variety of subjects including: the beatitudes, the contrast between God’s wisdom and worldly wisdom, and the surprising ways in which He pursues our hearts with gentleness, even when entering our darkest places.

All twelve sermons are exclusively concerned with New Testament texts of the Bible: eight from Matthew, two from Luke, and one each from Mark and Romans.

  • Salvation From Sin
  • The Remission of Sins
  • Jesus in the World
  • Jesus and His Fellow Townsmen
  • The Heirs of Heaven and Earth
  • Sorrow the Pledge of Joy
  • God’s Family
  • The Reward of Obedience
  • The Yoke of Jesus
  • The Salt and Light of the World
  • The Right Hand and the Left
  • The Hope of the Universe

[Original Print: 1892, Ward, Lock, Bowden, & Co.]

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