A Hidden Life and Other Poems

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Reprint of formerly published, Poems. A single volume collection of MacDonald's poetry, not extensive yet containing a total of 89 poems, listed below:

A Hidden Life | The Homeless Ghost | Abu Midjan | An Old Story | A Book Op Dreams | To Aurelio Saffi | Sonnet | A Memorial of Africa | A Gift | The Man of Songs | Better Things | The Journey | Prayer | Rest | To A. J. Scott | Light | To A. J. Scott | Were I a Skilful Painter | If I Were a Monk, and Thou Wert a Nun | Blessed Are the Meek, for They Shall Inherit the Earth | The Hills | I Know What Beauty Is | I Would I Were a Child | The Lost Soul | A Dream Within a Dream | After an Old Legend | The Tree's Prayer | A Story of the Sea | Shore | My Heart | O Do Not Leave Me | The Holy Snowdrops | To My Sister | O Thou of Little Faith | Longing | A Boy's Grief | The Child-mother | Love's Ordeal | A Prayer for the Past | Far and Near | My Room | Sympathy | Little Elfie | The Thank Offering | The Burnt Offering | Four Sonnets | Sonnet | Eighteen Sonnets | Death and Birth

Early Poems

Longing | My Eyes Make Pictures | Death | Lessons for a Child | Hope Deferred | The Death of the Old Year | A Song in a Dream | A Thanksgiving

The Gospel Women

The Mother Mary | The Woman That Cried in the Crowd | The Mother of Zebedee's Children | The Syrophenician Woman | The Widow of Nain | The Woman Whom Satan Had Bound | The Woman Who Came Behind Him in the Crowd | The Widow with the Two Mites | The Women Who Ministered unto Him | Pilate's Wife | The Woman of Samaria | Mary Magdalene | The Woman in the Temple | Martha | Mary | The Woman That Was a Sinner

[Original Print: Longman, Green, Longman, Roberts & Green]

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