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This new edition of George MacDonald's 1868 novel is updated and introduced by Michael Phillips as Volume 8 in The Cullen Collection.

Following on the heels of Robert Falconer’s hugely influential and controversial story, Guild Court, written concurrently with Falconer and published the same year, is one of MacDonald’s most overlooked novels. A love story set in London, its portrait of many intertwining and quirky lives in and around a city court is perhaps the most Dickens-like of MacDonald’s novels.

Guild Court, as probably MacDonald’s least-known realistic novel, is subtitled “A London Story,” a description which characterizes it to perfection. MacDonald introduces a range of unique characters whose lives weave together in fascinating ways. Then we watch them live and interact and grow. Some grow better, some grow worse. The two principal lead players in the drama, Lucy and Thomas—along with another of MacDonald’s virtuous and stellar ministers, Mr. Fuller—though unknown to many readers, are sure to take their places in the gallery of MacDonald’s memorable fictional creations.

Though not a book that enjoyed such widespread circulation as his others, Guild Court yet contains many of the signature tunes found throughout George MacDonald’s fictional corpus, and presents a powerful story of repentance, forgiveness, and reconciliation.
373 pages
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