With Christ in the School of Prayer

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To Andrew Murray, prayer was more than a means of maintaining the Christian life. He believed prayer was the highest work entrusted to man by God, the root and strength of all our other work in Him. It is only through prayer that the believer taps into the Source of highest power. 

Murray discovered that it is Christ who teaches us to pray. The more we abide in Him and grow into His likeness, the more our lives will become like His. Enter into Jesus' "school of prayer" and you, too, will...
  • Pray with more power and understanding
  • Tap into specific prayers guided by the Holy Spirit
  • See your prayers answered daily
  • Discover how prayer works with fasting
  • Learn to pray with greater boldness
  • Become a powerful intercessor for others
It was Murray's heartfelt desire that all Christians would enroll in a personal session With Christ in the School of Prayer
"I encourage you to saturate yourself in this timeless classic and learn how you can prepare yourself for effective participation in the highest calling Christ has given the Church-the call to intercessory prayer." 
-Dick Eastman, Founder And Director, Change the World Ministries Sponsoring Change the World Schools of Prayer

"A myriad of genuinely good books have been written on prayer, one of the best being Andrew Murray's classic With Christ in the School of Prayer. We would do well to read widely and experience deeply if we desire to know the ways of prayer." 
-Richard Foster, author of Celebration of Discipline 
288 pages
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