Unspoken Sermons: Second Series

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George MacDonald’s collection of spiritual essays, or “sermons.” Besides being a poet, MacDonald was at heart a preacher and remained so all his life. Though he continued to preach upon occasion, the resignation from his pulpit in Arundel in 1853 forced him into writing, with the consequence that henceforth he had to put his sermons into written form, a development for which future generations are enormously grateful.

The second in a series of three:

The Way | The Hardness of the Way | The Cause of Spiritual Stupidity | The Word of Jesus on Prayer | Man’s Difficulty Concerning Prayer | The Last Farthing | Abba, Father! | Life | The Fear of God | The Voice of Job | Self Denial | The Truth in Jesus

[Original Print: 1885, Longmans, Green & Co.]

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