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The over-schooling and under-educating of America
by Daniel M. Hagadorn

Un-American Education offers an insider’s perspective on the edutocracy that created the government school system and the tragic results it has produced at the expense of our children’s future.

This startling and well-documented examination of modern schooling's "Founding Fathers", reveals the ominous agenda of an educational system that is looking at failure in the rearview mirror. Drawing from extensive research and his fourteen years of teaching experience in both the public and private high school classroom, Daniel Hagadorn obliterates any notion that school is a place of education for our children. His shocking narrative is at once enlightening and accessible, and though it’s not exactly breaking news that the school system is failing, the reader will be stunned to discover (1) this is the product of design and (2) the results are worse than suspected. Much worse. Parents deserve better and so do their children.

About the Author

The author is from Austin, Texas, the husband of Vicki, the father of Landry, and a die-hard fan of Real Madrid CF. For more of his musings, check out his blog at

195 pages

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