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A Devotional Guidebook through the Elements of Christian Character for Children and Adults
by Blair Adams

Godly character stands as the most prized goal in Christian education. More than merely teaching a child or anyone else to do and to know about certain things, a God-centered education involves what a person is. It aims to bring forth a life at-one with God, consumed by His love, filled with His truth, submitted to His purpose, conformed to His image.

Building Christian Character has been designed to help parents disciple children (and churches disciple believers); and for over 20 years it has done just that, revolutionizing the lives of thousands of families and churches. It has done so by providing tools to help craft the different facets of the jewel of character as the child or disciple runs the course God has laid out for him. The book highlights 24 elements of character, pairing these elements according to contrasting positive and negative character traits (works of the Spirit versus works of the flesh). This book presents the meaning, importance and principles of each of the elements of character and then discusses how each unfolds in the individual’s life and behavior.

The content and form of this book encourage the sharing of these truths through living relationships, enabling mentors to gear the material to each mentee’s level of understanding. The book presents hundreds of scriptures, organized around each topic, for study or memorization.

Consistent and judicious use of this book will allow you to better bring within your reach the vast responsibility of parenting or pastoring as you enter into deeper relationship with children, disciples and God. The book assumes the approach that a life impresses and guides better than precepts alone, so it also speaks to parents and pastors, hoping they will also build their own Christian character as the main beacon for others to follow. As you minister through this book, you’ll inevitably see it applying to your own life, helping you to become a more effective vessel to disciple those under your nurture and care. Many parents, teachers and pastors have testified that the changes in their own lives have been as rewarding as those in the lives they’ve instructed.

386 pages

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