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This new edition of George MacDonald's 1876 classic, the first in the Thomas Wingfold trilogy, is updated and introduced by Michael Phillips as Volume 19 in The Cullen Collection.

A foremost example of what are called George MacDonald's “theological” novels, Thomas Wingfold’s story shares many similarities with that of Robert Falconer. In purpose and style, the two books are very similar. The plots in both cases are internal: in Wingfold’s case, to answer the question what a practical walk with God should mean.

If that sounds boring, think again! Once Wingfold’s quest is underway, the narrative becomes surprisingly compelling. There is plot, of course, and as always a complex array of characters, including Polwarth, one of MacDonald’s most unique “supporting actors”—along with Falconer’s Shargar. But what MacDonald does best is chronicle the odyssey of inner spiritual growth and self-knowing. Here, as in Robert Falconer, his wisdom and craft and powerful understanding of the human spiritual condition reach their zenith.

All these factors makes this “theological” novel among MacDonald’s most popular of all time. Thomas Wingfold Curate has always been among the most well-received of Michael Phillips's updated editions of MacDonald’s works.
337 pages
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