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One of MacDonald’s longest novels, set in England, in which the character Thomas Wingfold, who features as a central figure in three books, is first introduced. It tells the story of a young agnostic curate (Wingfold) and his prayerful journey, even while occupying a pulpit, into faith.

Most of MacDonald’s novels might well be called “theological novels,” but Wingfold most aptly fits that description, including more than one near full-length “sermon” preached from the pulpit by Thomas Wingfold. Thus, for those who want to “get on with the story,” it may be a bit tedious to encounter ten or fifteen pages of sermon. For others, however, such digressions are meat indeed!

Perhaps C. S. Lewis was thinking of Thomas Wingfold, Curate when he said of MacDonald, “Some of his best things are thus hidden in his dullest books.”

Here we encounter one of the Christian faith’s most unique and memorable apologists--the truth-loving dwarf Polwarth. In spite of its length and occasionally slow-moving plot, the depth and poignancy of Wingfold’s spiritual search is significant and makes this one of MacDonald’s best-loved novels

[Original Print: 1876, Hurst & Blackett]

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