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Annals of a Quiet Neighborhood (hardcover)

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George MacDonald’s first English novel, set in Arundel on the downs south of London near the coast, and site of his first and only pastorate as a newly married clergyman (1851-53). To this day, both the MacDonald home of those years and the Congregational Church remain standing in Arundel.

This book is wonderfully descriptive of the region, with autobiographical hints of MacDonald’s outlook as a young pastor.

In 1865, the story first appeared in serialized form in the Sunday Magazine

[Original Print: 1867, Hurst & Blackett]

* Note: Each of these books has a slight crease in the pages, as if a few of the pages were missing, but they are not.  It appears to be a manufacturing issue.  When on the bookshelf it is not visible, but you can see if if you look at it from the top of the book.  Use the code DEFECTIVE to take a 10% discount on this item.

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