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Yearning for something beyond a mediocre and self-centered Christianity? Frustrated by the sterile intellectualism preached from many pulpits? Longing for the power of the Holy Spirit you have read about in books and believe is able to draw a wayward generation to Christ?

Many of us are on our faces before God crying out for an awakening in our country and in our world. Law passionately shows us the path to this end from a solid Scriptural foundation. 

The Holy Spirit’s power is at our fingertips. It is within our reach. True awakening must start in our own hearts. It must start with us. 

Besides the Bible, it is difficult to think of a more needed and relevant book for the Church today.

“In all my reading I have never found anyone who has so helped me in understanding the Scripture truth of the work of the Holy Spirit.” –Andrew Murray

184 pages

Edited for today's reader by Dave Hunt

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