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“In all my reading I have never found anyone who has so helped me in understanding the Scripture truth of the work of the Holy Spirit.”
–Andrew Murray

Yearning for something beyond a mediocre and self-centered Christianity? Frustrated by the sterile intellectualism preached from many pulpits? Longing for the power of the Holy Spirit you have read about in books and believe is able to draw a wayward generation to Christ?

Many of us are on our faces before God crying out for an awakening in our country and in our world. Law passionately shows us the path to this end from a solid Scriptural foundation. 

The Holy Spirit’s power is at our fingertips. It is within our reach. True awakening must start in our own hearts. It must start with us. 

Besides the Bible, it is difficult to think of a more needed and relevant book for the Church today.

The Proponents of a "religionless Christianity" would find Law's writings of 200 years ago to be still instructive today. With a sharper perspective than most modern writers, he goes to the core of issues that are being widely raised at the present time, showing that God must be in all of life. He skillfully lays bare the false pietism which, selfishly concerned with one's own needs, largely ignores the needs of others and avoids God's claims in most areas of life. Law would agree with the valid objections to mere religiosity; but his persuasive logic would reveal that these considerations are founded upon the plainest teaching of Scripture, and his thoughtful handling of the subject would prevent us from assuming that these are now concepts lately developed by a particular school of theologians. Law shows that Scripture demands the consistent projection of man's true relationship with God into every circumstance of life, thus sanctifying the secular, rather than the secularization of society replacing an outdated Christianity
- Dave Hunt, 1967

As I have studied this Address to the Clergy, I have thought I learned to understand better than ever before what the relation is which the work of the Holy Spirit bears to the Father and the Son, as well as to the Church and the believer... I cannot say how much I owe to this volume of Law. I ask the help of all who learn to value the book to bring it to the notice of those who preach the Gospel. I beg of my brethren in the ministry to give it no cursory perusal. I am confident that a patient and prayerful study will bring a rich blessing.
- Andrew Murray, 1896

182 pages

This special commemorative edition of The Power of the Spirit by William Law was compiled and edited by Dave Hunt nearly 50 years ago while he was living in Lausanne, Switzerland.  Copyrighted by Christian Literature Crusade (now CLC publications) in 1971, this exclusive TBC edition has been gently edited to restore some of Dave's original remarks that were lost in later editions. 

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