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The compelling continuation of the Ramsey family saga begun in The Stonewycke Trilogy .

The Victorian Era is over. World politics have been revamped with the Great War. Social, economic, and spiritual traditions are being discarded like button shoes. The gulf between Maggie Duncan's world and that of her granddaughter, Allison MacNeil, seems to be marked in centuries, not decades. Allison now represents a new generation, one susceptible to change and corruption.

The Scottish town of Port Strathy in 1931 has grown but is beginning to feel the effects of the Depression. The Stonewycke fortune is being stretched to its limits as the family tries to bolster the town's economy. When a charming young stranger appears at the estate, Allison is faced with a choice that will place the family once again at a crossroads that will determine its destiny.

Stonewycke Legacy, book 1 of 3

414 pages

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