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Proverbs, Wisdom, and Principles For Better Living
by William Penn

Do you long for simpler days and the wisdom that guided them? Some Fruits of Solitude is a collection of William Penn’s reflections on 165 subjects covering leadership, religion, discipline, relationships, and more, originally printed in 1693. Penn, a revolutionary leader and founder of Pennsylvania, was known for his faith, compassion, fairness, and equality to all. Contemplation on his proverbs and principles will deliver the serenity of a much less chaotic time to your life and family.

“…and there should be a Time and Place for every thing: and whatever else is done or omitted, be sure to begin and end with God.” – From Discipline
“Between a Man and his Wife nothing out to rule but Love. Authority is for Children and Servants; yet not without Sweetness.” – From Avarice

This printing preserves the original style, character, and content of the 1901 vintage edition. It is a treasure that keeps our Christian heritage alive and unrevised for every family, leader, and library. 

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