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The publication of Sir Gibbie represented yet another high mark in George MacDonald’s storied literary career. This wonderful book, set in the Scottish highlands, tells the story of a mute boy with an angel’s heart. MacDonald’s pure storytelling genius rises here to heights as soaring as Glashgar itself, the mountain where Gibbie roamed barefoot amid fire and flood.

Though every MacDonald reader has his or her favorite story, it is likely that Sir Gibbie is near the top of that list for just about everyone; from lovers of fairy tales and novels to poetry. For in a mysterious way, the character of “wee Sir Gibbie” embodies something from the land of “faerie” and his soul is poetry itself.

In the 1960’s, this book inspired author Elizabeth Yates (a friend of MacDonald’s daughter Winifred) to “edit” the classic story, which eventually led to the publication of The New Classics, and sparked the MacDonald renaissance of the 1980s.

[Original Print: 1879, Hurst & Blackett]

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