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A personal odyssey toward bold thinking faith by best selling author Michael Phillips

I am writing this as an open letter to a few select individuals who are dear to my life and heart. I hope and pray that anyone else into whose hands it chances to come may find it interesting, and may in some way benefit from it.

All my life I have been what is loosely called “evangelical” in my general outlook and spiritual perspective. As such, in order to breathe freely in my spirit and keep my brain and heart thriving and growing, I have found it necessary to re-think many of the doctrinal particulars of belief in which I was raised. 

What follows is not an autobiography by any means of that journey. It is rather an attempt to place my sojourn into a wider context, and to explain this “necessity” I have felt to explore Christian thought beyond the boundaries of the teaching I received at various stages of my life.

108 pages

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