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America's Corporate Connections to Hitler's Holocaust
by Edwin Black

The long-awaited wrap-up in a single explosive volume that details pivotal American corporate connections to the Holocaust. The biggest names and crimes are all there: IBM and its facilitation of the identification and accelerated destruction of the Jews; General Motors and its rapid motorization of the German military, enabling the conquest of Europe and the capture of Jews everywhere; Ford Motor Company for its political inspiration; the Rockefeller Foundation for its financing of deadly eugenic science and the program that sent Mengele into Auschwitz; the Carnegie Institution for its proliferation of the concept of race science, racial laws, and the very mathematical formula used to brand the Jews for systematic destruction; and others.

"FIERCE. A PRODIGIOUS FEAT OF REPORTING War Against the Weak offers a fierce, compelling, overlong account of how American ideas helped inspire -- if that's the right word -- Hitler's Reich. ... War Against the Weak is well told and extraordinarily sad. It represents a prodigious feat of reporting, as Black has trolled every archive and read every letter (and published excerpts from far too many of them). And it is a very persuasive book." - David Plotz, Mother Jones Magazine

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