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Most of us want to know God more intimately. But are we willing to boldly face the challenge of what that means? Are we truly willing to pray a prayer that may be dangerous in ways we cannot anticipate? Are we willing to ask God to make us like Jesus?

Author Michael Phillips shares from his own life how he has learned to take up that challenge. Then he examines key decisions in the life of Jesus Christ that illuminate what it means for each of us to be conformed to the image of God’s son—to love like Jesus, think like him, pray like him, and trust the Father like him.

If status-quo spirituality is for you, do not read this book. It is a dangerous book—dangerous to the flesh—for the journey toward Christlikeness may be painful and costly. Yet that journey leads to the ultimate purpose God intends for all his children: conformity to the image of his son.

135 pages

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