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by Michael Kimball

Jarius “Jars” Mason has decided to give Fate a run for her money. As the highly successful founder and CEO of Synapzius, a cutting-edge biotechnology firm, he finds himself disenchanted with life. Despite his position and wealth, two failed marriages and two children wanting nothing to do with him have left him jaded. Now, Synapzius’ recent inroads in nanotechnology spark Jars’ imagination as to a possible way out of the lethargy that dogs at his heels, threatening to pull him under, down to where despair lurks in the dark corners of his being.

 By no means spiritual, Jars questions if there is anything to any of the world’s religions. For him, quantum physics is easier to sort through than the various claims presented as fact in the holy writings of the would-be-gods of the universe. If there were a God out there, He would have to make himself known and come after him because Jars is about to tempt fate daily. Despair wants him and has made itself known—loudly. If there is a competing interest for his soul, it had better speak up soon because Jars has just invented a device that could end his life on any given day.

 Entering each day as if it might prove his last sets Jars on a radically new trajectory, one laden with unforeseeable twists and turns…

About the Author

Calling the Mid-Hudson Valley home, Michael enjoys snowshoeing, hiking, and cycling in the nearby Catskill Mountains. This is Michael’s second novel, having previously written two allegorical fairytales, a mystery for young readers, a Christmas story, and several non-fiction essays. He produces The Father of the Inklings podcast and is the voice talent behind audiobooks like Christus Victor and Make Me Like Jesus. To connect with Michael, visit

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255 Pages

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