George MacDonald Bicentenary Parallel Editions

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A Bicentenary Series of George MacDonald Parallel Editions

Sunrise Wise Path Publishers is proud to offer this groundbreaking series in commemoration of the 200th anniversary of George MacDonald’s birth in 1824.

Many readers of George MacDonald are not aware that five of his well-known novels appeared with widely divergent textual content. For the first time ever, in celebration of the bicentenary of MacDonald’s birth, these titles are now offered in a unique side-by-side format.

This unique series includes five 7x10 paperback volumes:

Adela Cathcart

A side-by-side presentation of the original 1864 and 1882 editions. 400 pages. ($25.50 retail)

One of MacDonald’s early publications, Adela Cathcart is unique in MacDonald’s corpus with its collection of short stories woven into a loose fictional framework. Originally published in 1864, MacDonald revised the contents in 1882, adding new stories and omitting others. Both complete editions are presented here in parallel columns for easy comparison.

Salted with Fire

A Side-by-Side Presentation of the Original 1897 U.S. and U.K. editions. 209 pages. ($19.50 retail)

MacDonald’s final published full-length novel, Salted with Fire, represents MacDonald’s most powerful fictional portrayal of the timeless prodigal parable. Though not so long, and arguably less sophisticated of craft from MacDonald’s age, the book represents a fitting bookend to a writing career in which God’s “purifying fire” was a significant and recurring theme. Like other titles in this series, Salted with Fire was released in different textual editions on opposite sides of the Atlantic in 1897. Both texts are here presented in side-by-side parallel format.

Robert Falconer

A Comparison Presentation of the Three Divergent 19th Century One-Volume Texts. 335 pages. ($23.50 retail)

MacDonald’s well-known novel, Robert Falconer, chronicles the memorable life story and spiritual pilgrimage of one of MacDonald’s most towering characters. Through Falconer’s eyes MacDonald developed much of his groundbreaking and controversial perspective of the afterlife. Robert Falconer is particularly unique as having been released in five different textual editions in the 19th century. Originally published in 1868, the three primary single volume texts are here presented in a comparison layout.

Donal Grant

A Side-by-Side Presentation of the Original 1883 U.S. and U.K. editions. 466 pages. ($27.50 retail)

In this sequel to his masterpiece Sir Gibbie, George MacDonald’ penned his longest book—pastoral, devotional, yet also spooky!—in developing the deeply spiritual character of Donal Grant. Unique as published almost simultaneously in 1883 with vastly different texts on opposite sides of the Atlantic Donal Grant presents readers and scholars with abundant literary mysteries. Foremost among these is the simple question: Why did MacDonald produce both a long and an abridged edition? The texts of both versions are here presented in side-by-side parallel format.

The Two Warlocks

A side-by-side presentation of the 1881 Warlock O' Glenwarlock and 1882 Castle Warlock U.S. and U.K. Editions, 412 pages. ($25.50 retail)

The two “Warlock” titles are unique in George MacDonald lineup of novels for being first released in the U.S. a year prior to the U.K. edition, as well as being published with different titles containing two very distinct texts. Though the U.S. edition (Warlock O’Glenwarlock, 1881) and its U.K. counterpart (Castle Warlock, 1882) are of similar length, their many differences raise the obvious question why MacDonald wrote one version for publication, but then also published an altered highly edited second version. Both editions are here presented in side-by-side parallel format.

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