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The Greatest Story Ever Told ... Differently. For children of all ages, shades, shapes, and sizes.

A colorful graphic novel for children, telling the story of God's universal love for all creation. Bob and the Bobbies is the epic story of redemption set in a universe of talking stars, moons and solar flares. Suitable in particular for children 10 and younger.

A word to parents: In this book you will find an allegorical retelling of the "Ransom Theory" of Atonement from the first few centuries after Jesus, as well as themes of Universal Reconciliation. For more on these ideas, read Christus Victor by Gustaf Aulen.

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Author: Joseph Dindinger
Artist: Jonny Jimison
Pages: 72
Reader level: Ages 6-10

Can be purchased also on Kindle. Can be read online for free here.

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