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A personal word about The Commands from compiler Michael Phillips:

For over 40 years, I have been seeking more deeply to understand, and hopefully to live by, the commands of Jesus. One of the eventful crossroads in this journey took place 40 years ago a week alone in a motel room with no book other than my New Testament. I had gone away specifically for the purpose of determining exactly what commands the New Testament laid upon us. Beyond all the doctrine and theology, what were we simply told to DO. The list that resulted has literally formed the cornerstone of my spiritual outlook ever since.

A year and a half ago I embarked on what can only be called the project of a lifetime to distill these years of prayerful reflection into a concise book on the commands of Jesus. That book is now complete. It is simply called The Commands. It represents my attempt to focus the prism of God's light in such a way as to illuminate a few powerful sayings that a Man said some 2000 years ago during the time He walked among us. When God stepped onto the planet, everything changed. That change is still transforming lives today. In one sense, this book has been 40 years in the making as God has deepened, refined, and continually focused the single prayer of my heart, Father, make me like Jesus.

I can say without reservation that this is THE most important book I have ever compiled.

Please note that this book is the "regular print" edition, as compared to the very small margins, small print of the first edition.

196 pages

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