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by Max Radin

Probably no trial in history has been the subject of as many books - not to mention films - as that of Jesus of Nazareth. The Trial of Jesus of Nazareth by Max Radin (1880-1950) rises above the others as summed up by the Times Literary Supplement:

Professor Radin writes only as a lawyer. He is, it is true, a scholar, and that fact is displayed incidentally in his very lucid prose and in his occasional and apt references to classical and theological learning.

Max Radin, "a remarkable legal theorist," taught international, Roman, and comparative law at Boalt Hall, the University of California at Berkely, for thirty years. His book on trial of Jesus was well received but not uncontroversial when it appeared in 1931, and it has retained its stature over time. We think you will find it a compelling study of one of the history's most notable trials.

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266 pages, hardcover

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