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by Richard Weaver

"There is ground for declaring that modern man has become a moral idiot. So few are those who care to examine their lives, or to accept the rebuke which comes of admitting that our present state may be a fallen state, that one questions whether people now understand what is meant by the superiority of an ideal."

In what Robert Nisbet called “One of the few authentic classics in the American political tradition” Richard Weaver unsparingly diagnoses the ills of the modern age and offers a remedy. He asserts that the world is intelligible, and that man is free. The catastrophes of our age are the product not of necessity but of unintelligent choice. A cure, he submits, is possible. It lies in the right use of man’s reason, in the renewed acceptance of an absolute reality, and in the recognition that ideas, like actions, have consequences.

190 Pages, Leatherbound

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