British Petroleum and The Redline Agreement

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The West's Secret Pact to Get Mideast Oil
by Edwin Black

How did the West get Middle East Oil? This tense chronicle of the international deceit and strong-arm tactics of men, oil companies, and governments is laid out in a revealing minute-to-minute drama. Massive research supports this unforgettable revelation by master of corporate investigation Edwin Black. In its pages, Black publishes the previously unseen and secretive Redline Agreement that parceled out Mideast oil.

The author had unprecedented access to corporate oil archives, and dogged excavation of hidden fact. The book’s research was lauded in the Washington Post as “impressive” and “meticulous”; in Middle East Quarterly as “a gripping story”; and in the Miami Herald as “powerful, evocative, and taut.” The Montreal Gazette praised the book as “fascinating history” and for being responsible for changing the conversation about oil.

"IMPRESSIVE. METICULOUS. Black's impressive analysis, which included looking at more than 50,000 original documents and hundreds of scholarly books and articles ... explains why the West's record in the region so complicates nation-building there today. Many readers may find the breadth of analysis too ambitious." --Richard A. Clarke, Washington Post Book World

"POWERFUL. EVOCATIVE. TAUT. Edwin Black s powerful new study --is solid and evocative throughout. For those interested in business history, his study of the relationship between commercial and political interests, especially the company that eventually became British Petroleum, is well worth the price of admission. There s also ample material to draw from to consider the future path of Iraq ... Black is committed, if not obsessed, with hyper-intensive research and documentation. His books are copiously footnoted and referenced. Given the seriousness and scope of the subjects, this is an absolute necessity." --Richard Pachter, Miami Herald

"FASCINATING HISTORY. What a fascinating history ... Black tries to show that the reason so much attention has been paid to Iraq, especially in the modern era, is its oil. He does so fairly convincingly." --Adam Daifallah, Montreal Gazette

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