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Graphic novel by Minna Sundberg about three best friend bunnies, living in a Social Credit system, and are enjoying their lives ... until they run into trouble. 

Note from the artist/author:

In 2020 I gave my life into the hands of Jesus and it pressed my to stop being a coward and create this comic. The comic is meant to illustrate, in an easy to comprehend way, how social credit systems function so that more people can be mentally prepared. It's written from a Christian worldview (as a fresh convert at the time) but is made for both Christians and non-Christians. Hopefully it gives you something. ~

This  graphic novel can be read on the web on the author's website.

We are the only (as of today) US bookseller offering this wonderful story and supplies are limited.  Order today!

Specs: -Hardcover - 80 pages - 17x17 cm - Printed in Finland

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