Kingstone Bible Trilogy (3 vols)

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The Kingstone Bible Trilogy is the most complete graphic adaptation of the Bible ever published. This hard cover trilogy contains Volumes I, II and III of the Kingstone Bible. This epic tome and collection, created by over 40 Marvel and DC experienced comic artists paired with evangelical writers, covers every book of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation in stunning, full color comic art.

At 2096 pages and over 10,000 art panels this graphic masterpiece provides a visually stunning tour through the Holy Scriptures.

Kingstone Bible Vol. I
Vol. 1 begins with the stunning story of creation and covers the Biblical time frame of the patriarchs and the founding of Israel, the Ten Commandments, the time of the judges, Ruth, Samuel and the reign of King David.

Kingstone Bible Vol. II
Vol. 2 begins with the transition of the kingdom of Israel from David to Solomon, covers the succession of kings of both Judah and Israel, the Babylonian exile, each of the major and minor prophets and ends with the Intertestamental Period.

Kingstone Bible Vol. III
Vol. 3 begins with the most complete graphic adaptation of the life of Jesus Christ ever done, covers the beginning of the church in the book of Acts, the epic life of Paul of Tarsus, each of the epistles, and concludes with the stunning visual tour of the book of Revelation.

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