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Case Studies in Tyranny, Insurrection & Obedience to God
by Pierre Viret

This book is written to help Christians discern when to disobey and when to comply with tyrannical government orders. When civil governments become tyrants, Christians are forced to make decisions.

Pierre Viret is a helpful voice for times like these. He was no stranger to these tensions. He spent his life as a pastor under the pressure of both Protestant and Roman Catholic civil governments. These governments were hostile to the churches which exalted the authority of Christ over the church. In these pages, you will find well reasoned, biblically ordered counsel for those who are forced to make decisions for when to disobey.

There are fourteen chapters in this book. With Bible in hand, use it as a course in case studies centered around Pierre Viret. Take each chapter as a jump-off point to consider your situation.

Use it as a personal study guide to shaping your thinking for your own time. Use it for a study group in your church. Incorporate it into your homeschooling curriculum to prepare your children to understand matters of church and state.

Includes Free electronic version of the book

178 pages

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