Traced: Human DNA's Big Surprise

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by Nathaniel Jeanson 

"Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson has found the Rosetta Stone of human history." Ken Ham

What happened to the ancient Egyptians? When their civilization fell, did the Egyptian people disappear? Or do their descendants exist to this day? What about the ancient Persians? Romans? Mayans?

For years, the answers to these questions have been hidden. But no more. Nathaniel T. Jeanson, a Harvard graduate with a Ph.D. in cell and developmental biology, has discovered a DNA-based, generation by generation family tree for global humanity. This tree uncovers the origin and fate of these ancient peoples—and connects them to peoples alive today.

“…a ground-breaking book…likely to become a classic.”
Ola Hössjer, PhD, Professor of Mathematical Statistics, Stockholm University, Sweden

“…pulls the curtain back further on the mystery of early human history using genetics, history, and linguistics”
Les Bruce, PhD, retired research specialist, Summer Institute of Linguistics International

The fascinating research presented in Traced has additional far-reaching consequences for numerous contemporary debates:

  • RaceTraced shows that the races have changed multiple times in human history. Thus, “white”, “black”, “Asian” and other common descriptors lose their meaning in light of modern genetics.
  • PrehistoryTraced reveals that today’s Native Americans were not the first but replaced earlier inhabitants whose genealogical origins remain unknown.
  • History and origin of minority groups: The genetics in Traced restores the indigenous histories to many obscure people groups and connects them back to specific ancestors in Genesis 10.
  • The age of the earthTraced represents one of the strongest arguments in print for the recent origin of humanity.
  • Biblical authority: Historically, young-earth creationists have sought to defend biblical authority from scientific attacks; Traced puts biblical authority on offense.

Dive into the wild and emerging field of historical genetics and see how these recent discoveries on the fate of ancient civilizations end up uncovering the story of the whole world. Traced: Human DNA’s Big Surprise will inspire, not only budding historians, archaeologists, geneticists, linguists, and anthropologists, but anyone interested the marvelous and messy story of humankind.

432 pages, hardcover

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