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by Derek L. Hastings

At the end of time, Satan is on trial for his crimes against humanity. The Two Witnesses for the prosecution – the Two Witnesses of the Book of Revelation – are about to be revealed. Throughout history, Satan has tried to destroy God’s witnesses. He knows his destiny in the lake of fire as it is written in the Bible, and will do anything to stop the testimony of the witnesses.

Kristofer Alexander Griswold is the Second Witness of Revelation but doesn’t know it. A freshman history major at Humboldt State University in northern California, he is confronted with his God-ordained identity by his guardian angel and discovers he is Satan’s number one target. Kristofer has read of the violent deaths of the Two Witnesses in the bible and wants nothing to do with the destiny laid before him.

But, Kristofer is not alone. In Matthew 16:28, Jesus implies that some of those standing there with Him would remain alive until He came into His Kingdom. Those that Remain are they – the Mother Mary and some of the disciples – who remain alive from the crucifixion to prepare the way for the second coming of Jesus and the testimony of the Two Witnesses.

Time is short for Mary and the disciples to prepare their unwilling participant who is desperate to return to his normal life. But, Satan’s assassins make it obvious there is no going back.

236 pages

Also available on Kindle.

About the author: Derek has been a writer since an early age, but this is his first finished novel. His current project is a speculative fiction/Historical Fantasy series. The first book is "Those that Remain". To be followed by Lyonesse (the story of the myth), Graal Continuum, and Awake Again. Derek is an Ex-U.S. Coast Guard Officer, whose day job is as a Certified Financial Planner. He lives in Chico California with his wife. His three grown children have left the nest and reside in Tampa, Denver, and the small town of Loleta California.

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