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A Creation Perspective
by Dr. Jake Hebert

In recent years, Christians have become more alarmed over climate change. Both secular and Christian voices have urged them to heed the “all-but-unanimous scientific consensus” on the issue.

But is that consensus based on solid science? What is the evidence that climatologists use to reach their conclusions? And do we really need to take drastic action to stave off impending disaster?

ICR physicist Dr. Jake Hebert carefully examines climate science and research in search of answers to these questions and finds flawed theories, circular reasoning, and conclusions based on outdated data and uniformitarian preconceptions. He also finds a key in the Bible for understanding where we are in the debate.

Different assumptions about Earth’s past lead to different explanations for Earth’s present. Secular scientists point to climate swings over billions of years that resulted in several major Ice Ages. But instead of multiple Ice Ages over eons, the evidence points to one Ice Age that resulted from the global Flood and lasted just hundreds of years.  

The Ice Age and Climate Change: A Creation Perspective explores the evidence and argues that Christians have good biblical and scientific reasons to reject climate change alarmism.

304 pages, Hardcover

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