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by Francis Schaeffer

For over fifty years The God Who Is There has been a landmark work that has changed the way the church sees the world. Francis Schaeffer's first book presents a wide-ranging analysis of the intellectual and cultural climate of the second half of the twentieth century, from philosophy to art to liberal theology. Arguing that Christians must constantly engage the questions being asked by their own―and the next―generation, he envisions an apologetics and spirituality both grounded in absolute truth and engaging the whole of reality. "If we are unexcited Christians, we should go back and see what is wrong," Schaeffer writes. "We are surrounded by a generation that can find 'no one home' in the universe. . . . In contrast to this, as a Christian I know who I am; and I know the personal God who is there."

In every age, this God continues to provide the anchor of truth and the power of love to meet the world's deepest problems. Named by Christianity Today as one of the "Top 50 Books That Have Shaped Evangelicals" (October 2006), this redesigned classic is now available as part of the IVP Signature Collection.

"Francis Schaeffer was a reading, listening, thinking man. He had his finger on the pulse of ongoing cultural trends and had an unusual gift for communicating key ideas at a nontechnical level. In this postmodern era his approach to evangelism and discipling remains supremely relevant."
-- J. I. Packer, author of Knowing God

"Francis Schaeffer was the philosopher-prophet of the twentieth century. He was one of the first to recognize that the real issues in this secular humanist–dominated day were God, life, moral values and freedom."
-- Tim LaHaye, author and minister

"The God Who Is There is the most influential book I have never read. Simply hearing Francis Schaeffer give its message across lecture halls and living rooms of Europe and the United States in the mid-sixties changed my direction forever."
-- Os Guinness, senior fellow, The Trinity Forum

"In The God Who Is There Francis Schaeffer awakened an entire generation of Christians to the root causes for the eclipse of God in the age of secularism. It remains a contemporary commentary on our times."
-- R. C. Sproul, Ligonier Ministries

"I have known Francis Schaeffer in all the phases of his remarkable ministry. Where he was most unique was in his interaction with young men and women out of tune with our society or theirs. He patiently would allow them to state their case, go as far out on a limb as they wished, and then would gently reconstruct their thinking and eventually their lives according to the principles established so well in The God Who Is There."
-- C. Everett Koop, former Surgeon General of the United States

"This classic book needs to be read by a new generation that may not know of Schaeffer, and re-read by those who have been influenced by him."
-- Knowing & Doing, Spring 2009

"This book, and its companion volumes, accomplished something startling and necessary: It made intellectual history a vital part of the evangelical landscape, opening up the worlds particularly of art and philosophy to a subculture that was suspicious and ignorant of both."
-- John Stackhouse, Regent College, in Christianity Today

240 pages

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