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Roots of The Arab-Nazi Alliance in the Holocaust
by Edwin Black

The Nazis needed oil. The Arabs wanted the Jews and the British out of Palestine and Iraq. The Mufti of Jerusalem forged a far-ranging alliance with Hitler resulting in the June 1941 Farhud, a Nazi-style pogrom in Baghdad that set the stage for the devastation and expulsion of the Iraqi Jews and ultimately almost a million Jews across the Arab world. The Farhud was the beginning of what became a broad Nazi-Arab alliance in the Holocaust.

This book set off a worldwide movement to remember the Farhud. In 2015, the author and a group he organized proclaimed International Farhud Day at a live global UN event. International Farhud Day is now observed across the world on June 1–2. The author has been invited to ceremonies in the Congress, the British Parliament, the European Parliament, and the Knesset. Hailed by Mideast analyst Walid Phares as “monumental and exhaustively documented,” the revelations about the extensive Arab-Nazi axis triggered a historical reckoning that is still under way.

MONUMENTAL AND EXHAUSTIVELY DOCUMENTED. Monumental in scope, Edwin Black s new book The Farhud sheds light on the under-researched, 14-century-long confrontation between the Caliphate and the Jewish communities, and offers new exhaustively documented details of exactly how the Pan-Arabist and Jihadist movement of the Levant, led by the Mufti of Jerusalem, al-Husseini, partnered with the Nazis during the darkest days of the Holocaust.
--Walid Phares, author of Future Jihad and Fox TV Terrorism Analyst

SUPERB ANALYSIS. Edwin Black's latest book, The Farhud, provides a superb analysis of the origins of Islamic-Fascism and is a must read for those seeking to understand the nature of Israel s current confrontation with Muslim extremism."
--Isi Leibler, columnist Jerusalem Post

MASSIVE. AN IMPORTANT STORY. Black moves massive mounds of material ... to tell his important story ... you ll be amply rewarded ... a worthy addition to the historiography of the modern Middle East.
--Sheldon Kirshner, Canadian Jewish News

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