The Case for Christian Nationalism

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by Stephen Wolfe

Evangelical elites and the progressive media complex want you to think that Christian nationalism is hopelessly racist, bigoted, and an idol for right-wing Christians. Is Christian nationalism the golden calf of the religious right—or is it the only way forward?

Few “experts” answering this question actually know what nationalism is–and even fewer know what could make it Christian. In The Case for Christian Nationalism, Stephen Wolfe offers a tour-de-force argument for the good of Christian nationalism, taken from Scripture and Christian thinkers ancient, medieval, and modern. Christian nationalism is not only the necessary alternative to secularism, it is the form of government we must pursue if we want to love our neighbors and our country.

Wolfe shows that the world’s post-war consensus has successfully routed the United States towards a gynocratic Global American Empire (GAE). Rather than the religious right’s golden calf, Christian nationalism is the idea that people in the same place and culture should live together and seek one another’s good. The grace of the gospel does not eliminate our geography, our people, and our neighbors. Instead, it restores us to pursue local needs and local leadership freely and without apology.

If you want to be able to answer the political debate raging today, you must understand the arguments in The Case for Christian Nationalism .

What People Are Saying:

"A pioneering work that paves the way for a new genre of American Christian-nationalist political theory. Relentlessly innovative, it combines 18th century Presbyterian nationalist political thought with a concern for masculinity and self-reliance drawn from the contemporary dissident right" ~Yoram Hazony, author of Conservatism: A Rediscovery and The Virtue of Nationalism

“ The Case for Christian Nationalism is a carefully reasoned case for an approach that our nation had at our founding, and should never have abandoned. We are today living in the wreckage of that abandonment. Stephen Wolfe is to be thanked for having the courage and learning to show us our way back.” ~Douglas Wilson, pastor of Christ Church and Christianity Today award-winning author of Evangellyfish

“ The Case For Christian Nationalism is a masterpiece. The path ahead of us as Christians is clear and I pray that once our brothers and sisters read this book they will realize that Christian Nationalism is that path. This is who we are, who we were, and who we always will be. Stephen makes the case clear as day. This book is must-read for pastors, political leaders, and everyone in between.” -Andrew Torba, bestselling author of Christian Nationalism: A Biblical Guide for Taking Dominion

“Wolfe’s book is precisely what we need in this moment. He is an accomplished scholar and provides exactly the clear, logical, precise arguments that Christian nationalists need to defend Christian engagement in politics that is anything other than the typical automatic surrender to secularism. If you want to bolster your understanding of Christian political engagement and if you want to be heavily armed with every possible argument those who demand your surrender will muster, you absolutely must read this book.” -Andrew Isker, bestselling author of Christian Nationalism: A Biblical Guide for Taking Dominion

“Wolfe’s book addresses—with unmatched depth—a subject of growing interest in both evangelical circles and wider academic and political discourse.” -Nate Fischer, entrepreneur and cofounder of American Reformer and New Founding

" Refreshing to read a new, careful text that addresses questions of classical political philosophy in light of these distinctly Christian distinctions about the nature of man.” -Clifford Humphrey, Director of Religious Coalitions at the Edmund Burke Foundation

About the Author:

Stephen Wolfe (PhD, Louisiana State University) is a country scholar at Wolfeshire in central North Carolina where he lives with his wife and four children. He recently finished a postdoctoral fellowship at Princeton University's James Madison Program in American Ideals and Institutions. Wolfe is co-host of the Ars Politica podcast and has written for Mere Orthodoxy, First Things, Chronicles Magazine , and History of Political Thought . The Case for Christian Nationalism is his first book.

488 pages

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