The Bobtails Meet the Preacher's Kid

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by Arthur Yeomans

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Robert was determined to do his best and make his dead father proud. Esther put her grief aside to take care of her little sister. Roger didn’t believe his parents were dead, and was just going to have fun until they came back. Ruth was confused and lost. But Aunt Grace had set her mind to providing the best possible home for her orphaned niblings; and Aunt Grace always did what she set her mind on.

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A poignant story about four orphans and their widowed aunt who takes them in. Set on a dairy farm in Northern Vermont in 1889, Bobtails follows the children’s journey through grief, jealousy, and, finally, settled love with a new family and friendships.

About the Author:

Arthur Yeomans likes to write, and loves to read. He likes to write for his family, write about family, and read to his family. He likes to write about family, marriage, having children, raising children... and how God can and should be glorified in all of those things. He has a large family, has had several jobs and has lived in several countries, all of which bring their own influence to his writing.

204 pages

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