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by Douglas Wilson

Police shootings and protests have filled the news in recent years, leaving us with no illusions that America is free of racial problems. Skin and Blood invites us to look honestly at both white sins and black sins…and to look hopefully at the red blood of Jesus, which is their only cure.
The evening news and social media are telling us how to feel, and Evangelical Christians today only echo what Black Lives Matter says about racism. However, when a culture is mired in guilt, as ours is, then it does not matter how many statements denouncing racism you put out. You will always be guilty of white privilege and the condition of blacks in America will not change.
The only solution to racial guilt, both black and white, is the Gospel, and the only way towards racial reconciliation is our reconciliation in Christ, in whom there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, black nor white.
164 pages
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