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by Dr. Henry Morris


Evolutionism is often taught blindly in schools without regard to what the evidence truly says. A powerful tool for teachers and other individuals, Scientific Creationism provides one of the most comprehensive analyses of the evidence for evolution and creation.

What can we learn from fossils? How does catastrophism play a part in origins? Why are many “evolutionary” discoveries so surprising? A careful study of these questions shows that evolution is impossible, and creation is quite predictable! Includes a special section that places the scientific evidence in its proper biblical and theological context.

  • Explore scientific law as it connects to evolution & creation
  • Extract the truth of these two conflicting worldviews
  • Examine the evidence for the origin of earth and man

Table of Contents

  • Foreword to First Edition
  • Foreword to Second Edition
  • 1. Evolution or Creation?
  • 2. Chaos or Cosmos?
  • 3. Uphill or Downhill?
  • 4. Accident or Plan?
  • 5. Uniformitarianism or Catastrophism?
  • 6. Old or Young?
  • 7. Apes or Men?
  • 8. Creation According to Scripture
  • Appendix. Bibliography on Creationism
  • Index of Subjects
  • Index of Names
  • Index of Scriptures

304 pages

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