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This new edition of George MacDonald's 1897 novel is updated and introduced by Michael Phillips as Volume 36 in The Cullen Collection.

Set near MacDonald’s hometown of Huntly, Salted With Fire, 1897, offers a fitting climax not only to his realistic novels, but also to MacDonald’s life message.

The repentance (through fire) of young minister James Blatherwick, who recognizes the sham of his pretended spirituality, is reminiscent of Thomas Wingfold’s spiritual journey. It also embodies in fictional form one of MacDonald’s signature themes from his first volume of Unspoken Sermons, “The Consuming Fire.” Along with these themes, the return of one of MacDonald’s favorite character “types,” the humble Scottish peasant-bard, or peasant-prophet, in the person of cobbler John MacLear, establishes Salted With Fire as a work of lasting importance in the MacDonald corpus.

This new edition streamlines the occasionally ponderous Victorian narrative style, and updates the thick Doric dialect into readable English.
219 pages
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