Robert Falconer: Scots-English Edition

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MacDonald’s frequent use of Scots in the dialogue of his novels has posed a problem for many readers. This breakthrough edition of his masterpiece, Robert Falconer, presents the complete original text, but places English translations side-by-side with the Scots.It also features an introduction by best-selling author Michael Phillips, the world’s foremost expert on George MacDonald, along with fifteen original illustrations by artist Leighton Isaacs.

In his Preface, translator David Jack writes that Robert Falconer “revolves around a twin-search by the hero: one after the prodigal earthly father whom he barely remembers to have seen, the other in pursuit of a Heavenly Father through the densest of theological fogs engendered by the well-meaning religious instruction of his Calvinist grannie…the odyssey left me spellbound, and here I found the essence of MacDonald’s spiritual vision encapsulated in a soaring work of fiction (soaring like the notes of Robert’s cherished violin): namely that ‘Fatherhood is at the great world’s core.’”

George MacDonald (1824-1905), Scottish poet, novelist, and minister, was a mentor to Lewis Carroll, friend of Mark Twain, and inspiration to countless Christians, including Oswald Chambers, Madeleine L’Engle, and C.S. Lewis, who said, “I know hardly any other writer who seems to be closer, or more continually close, to the Spirit of Christ Himself.” G. K. Chesterton wrote, "If we test the matter of originality of attitude, George MacDonald was one of the three or four greatest men of the 19th century." 

Praise for this new edition of Robert Falconer:

“For some of us, the Scots language poses a real barrier to our enjoyment of George MacDonald's Scottish novels. A year ago I tried to read Robert Falconer, considered by many to be one of the best of MacDonald's novels, and finally had to give up in defeat. I am thrilled, therefore, that it is now available to us in English translation. I suspect I will even find myself peeking at the original Scots dialogue!”
Fr. Alvin Kimel, Eclectic Orthodoxy (

"Bravo for providing readers with an unabridged, illustrated edition of one of George MacDonald’s best novels, featuring parallel Scots/English dialogue. It is doubly welcome for emulating Robert Falconer’s mission to aid the poor (all profits go to charity)."
Robert Trexler, Editor of CSL: The Bulletin of the New York C.S. Lewis Society, and Publisher, Winged Lion Press

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