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This new edition of George MacDonald's 1875 classic is updated and introduced as Volume 16 in The Cullen Collection by Michael Phillips.

This towering 1875 novel, set in the Scottish fishing village of Cullen, is considered by many to be George MacDonald’s fictional masterwork. The intricate tale is more true to place than any of MacDonald’s books. As Malcolm is drawn into the web of secrets surrounding majestic Lossie House, with the marquis of Lossie and his tempestuous daughter Florimel at the center of them, we meet some of MacDonald’s most memorable characters. Through them Malcolm must unravel many mysteries that hang over the town and its people—and himself!

The Scottish dialect is more impenetrable in this title than in many of MacDonald’s Scottish novels. Michael Phillips’s skillful presentation preserves the flavor of MacDonald’s fictional genius, while bringing the story and characters alive with fresh radiance and clarity.

"I call it 'a masterpiece of plot, drama, mystery, characterization, and spiritual depth.' it was Malcolm which in the 1970s set me on my life’s-work to acquaint the world with MacDonald’s forgotten legacy through new editions of MacDonald’s work. I believe that Malcolm is always an ideal choice for new readers to begin a deeper acquaintance with George MacDonald's fiction, especially as it is set in the locale from which The Cullen Collection derives its name. My lengthy introduction sets Malcolm’s story into the context of MacDonald’s two 1870s visits to Cullen, and also provides readers new to the works of MacDonald with a historical overview of the Scotsman’s writing and significance."
—Michael Phillips

Malcolm is included in the Scottish Masterworks set of the Cullen Collection.
461 pages
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