MacDonald-Phillips Short Story Anthology (2020 Edition)

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Anthology of the 2020 MacDonald-Phillips Short Story contest, held in the spring and early summer of 2020, during the worst of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Ten entries from the Adult contest were selected, along with an honorary teen entry and the winner of the Youth contest. The anthology includes the following stories:

  • No Dungeon For A Dove by Matthew Earl
  • The Step Of Faith And Destiny by Derek Hastings
  • Roeth And Tiida by Matthew Pound
  • A Garden by Richard Everingham
  • The Silent Flower by James Churcher
  • The Shattered Vase by Lauren King
  • Sehnsucht by Stephen Carney
  • The Battle Of Every Age by Tyler Miller
  • Echoes by Daniel Speake
  • Calum by Kevin Johnson
  • Beneath The Full Moon by Elijah Brents
  • Emancipation by Abigail Kube

213 pages

All proceeds from the sale of this book go to charities to help the families of those lost to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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