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A Biography of Planned Parenthood's Margaret Sang
by George Grant

In life and death, the progenitor of the grizzly abortion industry and the patron of the devastatingly destructive sexual revolution has been lauded as a “radiant” and “courageous” reformer. Honored by men as different and divergent as H. G. Wells and Martin Luther King, George Bernard Shaw and Harry Truman, Bertrand Russell and John D. Rockefeller, Albert Einstein and Dwight Eisenhower, this remarkable “killer angel” was able to secret away her perverse atrocities, emerging in the annals of history practically vindicated and victorious. That this could happen is a scandal of grotesque proportions.

The organization she founded, Planned Parenthood, is the oldest, largest, and best-organized provider of abortion and birth control services in the world. From its ignoble beginnings around the turn of the century, when the entire shoestring operation consisted of an illegal back-alley clinic in a shabby Brooklyn neighborhood staffed by a shadowy clutch of firebrand activists and anarchists.

The organization has used its considerable political, institutional, and financial clout to mainstream old-school left-wing extremism. It has weighed in with sophisticated lobbying, advertising, and back-room strong-arming to virtually remove the millennium-long stigma against child-killing abortion procedures and family-sundering socialization programs. Planned Parenthood thus looms like a Goliath over the increasingly tragic culture war.

Originally published in 1995, this book continues to tell the truth about the woman who paved the way for the slaughter of the unborn.

What People Are Saying:

“Throughout the Christian era, Wycliffs and Luthers, Wilberforces and Bonhoeffers, and a host of anonymous, godly pastors and other believers have lifted the bejeweled veil of cultural icons to reveal the hideous cultural beasts that seek to devour, not only Christians, but humanity itself. No one that I have known in my ministry and life has done this so well and so consistently as my friend and co-laborer, Dr. George Grant. That he is a premier educator, a prominent pastor, a gifted orator and an entrepreneurial missionary, whose contributions have touched ‘the least of these’ through ministries of mercy and justice around the world, through the establishment of schools, missions, and churches, is uncontested. Yet, I believe his most enduring contribution—and costliest to himself—has been to expose the ungodly beasts that lie at our cultural doorstep through his prodigious and perceptive writing. Now he has done it again with a biography of one of the most influential persons of the twentieth century: Margaret Sanger.” ~Dr. Michael A. Milton, Provost of Erskine Theological Seminary

“George Grant is an international treasure. His brilliant mind is matched only by his beautiful prose. I am grateful for his timely and persistent prolificacy.” ~Geoffrey Still, President of Focus on the Family Canada

“When I read the writings of George Grant, I am struck by his anointed ability to analyze and discern his subjects. His depth of knowledge and clarity of thought will impact your life and sharpen your views.” ~James Robison, President of Life Outreach International

“George Grant is a careful historian with an artist’s touch. He communicates truth with grace and beauty.” ~Gary Whitby, columnist for Christianity Today

114 pages

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