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From our radiant sun to the brilliance of distant galaxies, the vast universe reveals breathtaking beauty and majesty. Yet scientists tell conflicting accounts of its origins. Did God create it? Or did the universe just explode into existence?

Find answers to these and other intriguing questions, such as...

  • How does the moon support life on Earth?
  • Are new stars really being born?
  • What do astronauts do on the International Space Station?

Many aspects of the universe confirm the biblical timescale and point to the need for an all-powerful Creator to perform such incredible works.  This book shows how naturalistic ideas violate laws of physics and ignore contrary evidence.

Our Creator didn't leave us alone staring up at the sky to wonder about His existence.  He wants us to know the truth about ourselves and our origins, so He provided His very own eyewitness account in the Bible.  He inspired human authors to take down the notes in words we can understand.

Guide to the Universe explores evidence of our Creator's power and the truth of His Word - even to the remotest parts of the cosmos.

Recipient of the 2018 Practical Homeschooling award.

122 pages, Hardcover

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