Gold Country Gathering 2019

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Audio recording of the 2019 Gold Country Gathering in Folsom, California.

The main focus was Michael’s writing career, with emphasis on his vision to reacquaint the world with the works of George MacDonald, and his attempt to use his own writings to bolster and expand MacDonald’s vision of an eternally loving Fatherhood.  Sessions included:

  1. Introduction to new books and new project (Michael Phillips)
  2. The Fatherhood Equation (Michael Phillips)
  3. Answering Criticism (Joseph Dindinger)
  4. Alice Meets Irene (Dave Hiatt)
  5. The Life of Gratitude (Robin Phillips)
  6. Personalizing The Vision (Michael Kimball)
  7. The Untold Story (Michael Phillips)
  8. The Theory of Everything (Michael Phillips)

See for information on the gathering for next year, to be held in Scotland.

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