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Secularism, Radical Islam, and the Mere Christendom Alternative
by Douglas Wilson

As it self-destructs, the strategy of secularism (the idea that nations can be religiously neutral) is splitting between American exceptionalism and radical Islam. Neither are Christian.

American exceptionalism, the belief that America is more than a nation, is folly. Radical Islam is obviously wrong as well, but Muslims at least own the nature of the current cultural conflict: You must follow somebody, whether it's Allah, the State, or Jesus Christ. This important and timely book is an analysis of the changing face of religion and politics and also an extended argument for Christian expression of faith in Jesus Christ. This does not mean a withdrawal from politics to our own communities and churches. Instead, we Christians must take what we have learned from the wreck of secularism and build a Christendom of the New Foundation: A network of nations bound together by a formal, public, civic acknowledgement of the lordship of Jesus Christ and the fundamental truth of the Apostles' Creed. "And you could have it all, My empire of dirt...." ~ Nine Inch Nails; Johnny Cash

What People Are Saying:

"Wilson’s answer to the political problems of the day is provocative. Indeed, I suspect it will be largely unpopular. But one virtue of this book is the undermining of popular presuppositions and the setting forth of new ideas. It contains politico-theological concepts which will challenge many and perhaps force people to re-think long-held prejudices. And maybe the book will help Christendom become a plausible idea once again." -Simon Kennedy, The Gospel Coalition Australia

276 pages

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