The Eyewitness New Testament, Vol 1.

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The three volumes of the Eyewitness New Testament trace Christianity's beginnings, taking the reader on an entertaining, mind-stretching, and spiritually challenging journey through the New Testament documents in the order in which they were written. You will find yourself "on the scene" as a first century eyewitness when the 27 world-changing books first hit scroll-shelves around the Mediterranean. This unique "self-discovery" adventure brings historical vitality to the well-known gospels and letters of Christianity's origins. You will find yourself caught up in the fast-moving, tumultuous, controversial, and dangerous "story" of Christianity's explosive growth through the middle years of the first century. As you read between the lines, you will also find yourself examining the origin of many of its ideas and doctrines through eyes of fresh insight. With the combined skills of a novelist and biblical scholar, Phillips probes the backgrounds, personalities, and intriguing relationships of the people who produced the documents that launched the worldwide Christian faith. Their story reads like a graduate seminar, a mystery thriller, and a biblical novel all in one. This is the story of the New Testament as only a storyteller could tell it!
248 pages
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