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This new edition of George MacDonald's 1891 novel is updated and introduced by Michael Phillips as Volume 33 in The Cullen Collection.

MacDonald’s second realistic novel written in the first person by a fictional female narrator, almost from its opening pages, The Flight of the Shadow feels somber and ominous. It is thus linked with The Portent from early in MacDonald's career, both books similar of length and style.

Again MacDonald develops his familiar themes through the character of an orphan, who, without an earthly father, must yet discover the goodness of God’s Fatherhood. Belorba Whichcote learns of the divine Fatherhood through the goodness of her uncle Edward, who has raised her on the “old family farm.” Their lives are complicated when Belorba falls in love with John Day from the neighbouring estate of Rising. John’s demonic mother, Lady Cairnedge, who holds a secret over the Whichcote family, threatens to destroy them, foreshadowing the character of Lilith, the first draft of whose saga was being written about the same time as Flight of the Shadow’s release in 1891.

Will reconciliation and restoration dispel the evil influence of John's mother in the end?
201 pages
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