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This new edition of George MacDonald's 1888 novel is updated and introduced by Michael Phillips as Volume 30 in The Cullen Collection.

Although one of MacDonald's lesser-known books, The Elect Lady, published in 1888, stands out for the memorable relationship of godliness, trust, honesty, and humility between three children—Andrew and Sandy Ingram and their friend Dawtie—whose growth into adulthood MacDonald follows with simple yet moving power. Their relationships provide the foundation for MacDonald’s wisdom to shine forth on the nature and purpose of the church, climaxing in the memorable pronouncement from Andrew’s mouth: “I don’t believe that Jesus cares much for what is called the visible church. But he cares with his very Godhead for those who do as he tells them.”

Brief and simple as it might seem, The Elect Lady stands out as vividly portraying that young people can know and obey God no less because they are young. The remarkable imagery inherent in the memorable pact between friends to be good children, and to ask what God wanted them to do, stands among MacDonald’s formidable fictional creations.

Another powerful theme of The Elect Lady, building upon the relationship just noted between the three children, is simply: What is “the church?”
195 pages
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